Kelsey Quinlan

Director of Operations- Research Program at Socratic Med

Work style

How I prefer to work

Remote & Office


Mostly on my own

Qualities I value in my colleagues

  • Ownership
  • honesty
  • team spirit
  • reliability
  • politeness

My communication style

  • Open
  • tactful
  • overcommunicative
  • positive
  • eloquent

My pet peeves

  • Pessimism
  • selfishness
  • secrecy
  • micromanagement
  • disrespectfulness

Fun fact

I love to see and perform stand-up comedy!

Personal Q&A

  • How do you like to run meetings?

    I like to start-off with an overview, set up expectations for the meeting, and hand time over to different representatives for various departments or projects to get the update. I like to spend as much time differing and encouraging conversation as I can!


  • Director of Operations- Research Program

    Current role

A panel showing how The Org can help with contacting the right person.