Sydney Opera House


The Sydney Opera House is a multi-venue performing arts centre in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.





Org chart

Louise Herron

Hugh Lamberton
Director, Office of the CEO
Jade McKellar
Director, Visitor Experience
Jon Blackburn
Executive Director, Corporate Services & CFO
Kya Blondin
Director, People & Government
Jemille King
General Counsel & Director, Risk
Jessica Gooch
Director, Strategic Engagement
Hannah Mason
Director, Production & Events
Kim Bluett
Head Of Enterprise Risk & PMO
Jill Johnston
Head Of People And Development
Virginia Hyam
Head Of Contemporary Culture
Joanne Been
Brand Lead
Paayal Dharmani
Head Of Digital Marketing
Aubs Tredget
Head Of Production Management
Jayne Blackwell
Head Of Venue & Event Sales
Sarah Duthie
Head Of Sales
Zigrid Napier (Ziggy)
Head Of Major Projects & Commercial
Aaron Alphonso
Chief Technology Officer
Chip Rolley
Head Of Talks And Ideas
Kirsty Garlick
Head Of Studio
Claire Saunders Gammon
Head, Strategy And Projects, Performing Arts
Tamara Harrison
Head Of Children, Family And Creative Learning
Michael Hutchings
Head Of First Nations Programming
Geoff Farnsworth
Head Of Applications And Support
Alex Cutler
Head Of Finance
Wanyika Mshila
Community Engagement Manager
Christina Moothoo
Coordinator, Inclusion And First Nations Initiatives
Caitlyn Sinclair
Strategic Events And Stakeholder Development Coordinator
Gabrielle Nappa
Strategic Events Coordinator
Adelaide Garner
Brand Manager
Amity Harrold
Senior Communications Manager
Daniella Maryasin
Marketing Manager
Melanie Wellington
Senior Communications Manager
Mimi Nightingale
Marketing Manager – Private Funding & Performing Arts
Nicola Whiteside
Content Marketing Manager
Rhonda S.
Marketing Manager
Francesca Breen
Communications Manager
Julia Hunt-McNeur
Marketing Manager
Natasha Y.
Communications Specialist