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Sōsh is a Wisconsin and Utah based digital marketing agency that helps brands grow by building meaningful connections. We specialize in digital marketing strategy, brand development, web strategy and design, social media marketing, media planning and buying, creative services, and events and activat... Read more






Org chart

Michelle D'Attilio

Maggie Nikolic
Lead Digital Graphic Designer
Maggie Golden
Content Developer & Copywriter
Autumn Peterson
Account Manager


Service with a WOW

We want everyone we interact with to think....WOW. Now there is something special. So we put the effort in to WOW as often as possible.

Embrace your Oddities

We want you to bring your whole self to this team. We want to know the good, the bad, the ugly and we want to support you through it.

Be Resourceful

We all have a limited amount of resources, using them wisely is at the core of our belief system.

Communicate with Honesty

This is about more than just not telling the truth, although the truth will set you free. This is about being able to be open and honest with the people in our lives.

Be Accountable

We are all adults, we hold ourselves accountable for our actions. Showing up for the team, our clients, our community is what we are all about.

Learn Everyday

We believe that constant learning is the key to a happy life. We are all works in progress and to reach our fullest potential we must invest time into learning on a daily basis.