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Springer Nature or the Springer Nature Group is a German-British academic publishing company created by the May 2015 merger of Springer Science+Business Media and Holtzbrinck Publishing Group's Nature Publishing Group, Palgrave Macmillan, and Macmillan...





Org chart

Frank Vrancken Peeters

Mary O'Connor
Chief Product and Marketing Officer
Carolyn Honour
Chief Commercial Officer
Matthias Wissel
Chief Information Officer
Rachel Jacobs
Group General Councel
Steven Inchcoombe
President, Research
Reto Andreoli
EVP, Management Reporting & Planning Analysis
Daniel Korany
VP, Corporate Strategy
Joachim Krieger
MD, Education, Health, Professional & Consumer Media
Joyce Lorigan
Group Head of Corporate Affairs
Sarah Fisher
Director of Publishing Services
Maria Pylas
Director of Global Publishing
Agnieszka Pazurek
Director of Global Marketing
Kay Larkin
Operations Director, General Counsel's Office
Susanna Goldschmidt
Director of Digital Product & Language Learning
Amanda Williams
Director, Research Solutions
Jenny Lovel
Director of Digital Content,
Julia Midwinter
Programme Manager
Stephanie Reynolds
PA and Project and Support Manager
Bill Coatsworth
Logistics Manager (americas)
Maria Lopes
Vice President, Library Sales
Jason Tuosto
Head Of Account Managed Corporate Markets
Yuki Fujiwara
Head Of Strategic Partnership, Japan & Southeast Asia
Hiro Mase
Sales Director - Japan
Sony Joseph
Account Development Manager
Jalissa Hamilton
Senior Sales Account Executive