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SSOE Group is a global project delivery firm for architecture, engineering, and construction management. We save clients time, trouble, and money.






Org chart

Vince DiPofi
Chief Executive Officer

Vince DiPofi

Catherine Myers
President & Chair of the Board
Jim Jaros
CFO, Chief Legal Officer & SVP
Michael Murphy
EVP, Strategic Plan Integration
Jeremy Woodgate
EVP, Advanced Technology
Matthew Oberts
EVP, Facilities
Jim Lewis
EVP, Process
Ron Stang
SVP, Building Design Group Manager
Greg Brogley
SVP, Strategic Business Unit Manager, Automotive and Manufacturing Facilities Northern Operations
Nathan Czerniejewski
SVP & General Manager, EPCM
Brett Susany
SVP, Complex Project Execution
Robby Aull
Senior Vice President
Christopher O’Connor
Senior Vice President
Doug Berner
SVP, Strategic Business Unit Manager
Clem Wood
SVP, Emerging Markets, Business Development
Scott Bussell
SVP, Principal Program Manager
Jennifer Wuertz
VP & Director of Human Resources
Scott Thompson
VP, Technology
Jens Ebert
VP, Division Manager, Food and Consumer Products
Brad Rowe
SVP, People & Culture
Keith Branham
VP, Engineering Department Manager
Ken Daenecke
VP, Engineering Department Manager
Gregory Rossler
VP, Enterprise Resource Platform Manager
Todd Dolson
VP & Director of Design
Joe Badalamenti
Principal Account Executive & VP, Texas Operations
Betsy Hurner
Corporate Development; Vice President
Bill Kussro
Principal, Master Engineer
Louise Schlatter
Principal, Master Architect
Kirk Marchisen
Principal & Architectural Department Manager
Cliff Reese
Principal, Business Leader, Energy, Glass, Chemical, and Manufacturing
Mathew Bierschbach
Business Leader & Principal
Shawn Pankratz
Business Leader & Principal
Erick Kuri Gallardo
Operations Director, Mexico Operations & Principal
Mike Griggs
Director Of Computer and Information Systems
Maggie Fumo
Director of Mergers & Acquisitions
Carrie Gonzalez
Director of Marketing
Lauren Collier
Director of Project Technology
Viviana Donikian
Director of Talent Management & Development
Mike Alek
Director, Talent Acquisition
Ashwin Shetty
Business Leader, India