Chris Bailey

Software Engineer at Stilt


Chris Bailey is a software engineer who has worked for Stilt, ShopStyle, POPSUGAR, ITX Corp., and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics. Chris has also been a camp counselor and ski instructor.

Chris began their career as a web developer with ITX Corp. After four years with the company, they transitioned to software engineering, taking a position with ShopStyle. Chris was with ShopStyle for two years before moving to POPSUGAR.

At POPSUGAR, Chris worked on a team that rewritten the website front-end from Java/Tapestry/jQuery to a one page website using Angular/Node. Chris also lead the front-end analytics effort to unify event schemes and developed a reusable single point of entry tracking app that accepted events being sent from all products and distributed them appropriately to all tools and services.

After a year and a half with POPSUGAR, Chris took a position with Stilt as a software engineer. Chris has been with Stilt for four years and two months.

Chris Bailey attended the Rochester Institute of Technology from 2004 to 2009, where they studied information technology. Chris was also involved in intramural hockey and had a concentration in liberal arts.



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