Strand Therapeutics


Strand was started by biological engineers working together at MIT. Building on the idea of creating smart therapies that are capable of making sophisticated decisions, they sought to apply the concept of the emerging field of mRNA therapeutics.






Org chart

Jake Becraft
CEO & Co-Founder

Jake Becraft

Tasuku Kitada
President, Head of R&D & Co-Founder
Samta Kundu
Chief Operating Officer
Jay Stella
Chief Business Officer
Colleen Wilson
Chief People Officer
Robert Sikorski
Acting Chief Medical Officer
Margaret Mason
Senior Director, Quality Assurance
Anusha Ramachandran
Director of Manufacturing
Tyler Cabral
Associate Director, People Sciences
Errol Brown
Manager, Lab Operations
Matt Singer
Manager of Facilities
Isma Zarin
Principal Associate Scientist, Bioanalytical Sciences
Allen Tseng
Principal Scientist, Synthetic Biology
Brett Rickeard
Principal Associate Scientist, LNP Formulations Development
Joe Zhou
Senior Engineer, Data Analytics & Machine Learning
Justin Letendre
Scientist, Synthetic Biology
Kendall Dionne
Scientist, Analytical Development
Kyle Costa
Associate Scientist II, In Vivo Discovery
Monica Jaffee
Associate Scientist I, Immune Cell engineering
Matthew Reynolds-Tejeda
Associate Scientist II, Nanoparticle Process Development
Akshay Mavani
Senior Associate Scientist, mRNA Process Development
Manvi Upadhyay
Associate Scientist II, RNA Discovery Biology
Shivani Gaikwad
Associate Scientist, LNP Formulations Development
Angelena Simms
Senior Associate Scientist, mRNA Process Development
Bree Burgett
Associate Scientist I, Bioanalytical
Michael Bertram