System Soft Technologies


A global IT consulting firm with 20 years of experience solving IT challenges from custom IT applications to IT staffing.





Sreedhar Veeramachaneni

Ashok Yarlagadda
Chief Information Officer
Brian Sullivan
Chief Sales Strategy Officer
Kishore Kolupoti
VP Strategic Initiatives
Brian Pugh
Vice President, Consulting Services
David M. Quish
Director, Corporate Operations
Narmada Rajagopalan
Program Manager
Harsha Shaikh
Program Manager
Quyen Seltzer
Finance Manager
Mahi Puvvula
Recruiting Director
Suresh Chigurupati
Vice President, Operations
Steve Moritz
Senior Consultant
Madhavi Raj
HR Manager
Madhavi Samudrala
Immigration Attorney
Troy Caguitla
Administrative Assistant
Ravi Tellapuri
Project/Office Manager

Behind the scenes



Committed in both heart and mind, our employees achieve and outperform their goals with fierce enthusiasm and constant dedication. Passion is at the heart of our company culture. By continuously moving forward and innovating, we bring passion and enthusiasm to everything we do and we celebrate our successes along the way.


We’ve adopted business integrity as a part of System Soft Technologies’ culture. Everyone in the company understands the behaviors they must follow to achieve a high level of ethical culture. We strive to do the right thing when we deal with fellow employees, clients, vendors, stakeholders, and the community.


Treating each other with respect is a value we find absolutely necessary for building highly functional and successful teams. To us, respect means creating a work environment where everyone is heard and valued.

Transparency & Accountability

We value open and honest communication internally and externally – people of every level, associates and executives alike, feel a sense of ownership over their work, and we trust our employees to bring their best selves to achieve great results.

Teamwork & Collaboration

It’s important to remember that teamwork and collaboration not only bring people together, they also increase job satisfaction and encourage better performance.


Happiness and wellbeing of our employees and clients is our main priority.

Customer Commitment

We are committed to delivering quality service and stellar customer support through building relationships that positively impact our employees and our clients.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are our biggest priorities not only because they allow people to shine and show their best selves but also because these values encourage our team members to make a positive impact despite any differences.