David Silva Ossa

Founder at Techqueria

David Silva Ossa started their work experience as a Rails Instructor at AngelHack in 2014, where they helped non-programmers learn and develop their skills in Ruby on Rails. David then moved on to become a Senior Front End Developer at Doctor On Demand in 2014, where they were responsible for developing internal tools for medical providers.

In 2016, David worked as a JS Developer at Diamond, followed by co-founding Codecorgi in 2017, where they served in a leadership role. David also worked as a Senior Front End Developer at Slingshot Health from 2017 to 2020.

David then joined Republic in 2020 as a Senior Software Engineer before taking on the role of Volunteer Wrangler at Kostume Kult in 2021. David also served as the Technology Chair at Prospanica New York in the same year.

In 2015, David founded Techqueria, an organization that supports and empowers Latinx professionals in the tech industry. Finally, they currently work as the CTO at AWSM, a company that supports founders and helps launch ideas by deploying efficient teams and leveraging available resources.

David Silva Ossa's education history includes the following:

From 2006 to 2008, David attended Lasalle College of the Arts, where they pursued a degree in multimedia design with a specialization in Design.

In 2008, David enrolled at Aish Hatorah Jerusalem and completed their studies in 2010. During this time, they focused on Jewish culture and explored the field of Ethnic, Cultural Minority, Gender, and Group Studies.

In 2013, David attended KeepCoding for a short period and obtained an introductory course in iOs development. This course provided him with foundational knowledge in mobile development.

In addition to their formal education, David has obtained certifications in various areas. In January 2018, they completed the "Grow with Google Challenge Scholarship" from Udacity. David also acquired a "Mobile Sites Certification" from Google Ads Online in the same month and year.

Based on the provided information, it can be concluded that David Silva Ossa has pursued a diverse range of educational experiences, including design, cultural studies, and mobile development.


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