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Org chart

Daniel Julien
CEO & Chairman

Daniel Julien

Juan Carlos Hincapié
CEO, Teleperformance Ibero-LATAM
Gary Slade
CEO, UK & South Africa
Anish Mukker
CEO, India
Daniel Trueman
CEO, Account
Kevin Xu
CEO, TP Infinity China
Simon Grant
CEO, TLScontact
Olivier Rigaudy
Deputy CEO & Group CFO
Scott Klein
President of Specialized services
Bhupender Singh
President, Transformation
David Rizzo
President, APAC
Mamta Rodrigues
Global President of Banking Financial Services & Insurance
Jeff Cordell
President & CEO, Health Advocate Solutions
Linda Comp-Noto
Division President, Healthcare
Augusto Martinez Reyes
President, Multilingual Hubs
Rahul Jolly
CEO, Philippines
Dev Mudaliar
Global CIO
Alan Winters
Chief People & Diversity Officer & Deputy Chief Global Compliance Officer
Eric Dupuy
Group Chief Business Development Officer
Miranda Collard
Chief Client Officer
João Cardoso
Chief Innovation & Digital Officer
Luciana Cemerka
Chief Marketing Officer
Teri O’Brien
Chief Legal & Compliance Officer
Kelly Grypari
Marcel Vrieling
Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer, Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Region
Alvaro Buesa
Chief Client Officer, EMEA
Rachel Robinson
Chief Client Officer of Public Sector, UK
Benoit Gabelle
Deputy Group CFO
Emanuelle Commenge
Chief Legal Officer, EMEA & SVP of Intellectual Property Law
Leah Zheng
COO, China
Dominique Decaestecker
COO, French-Speaking Markets
Christian Buschmeier
Global Chief Standards & Process Officer
Angélica Holguín Perilla
Chief Transformation Officer, LATAM
Will Fritcher
Deputy Chief Client Officer
Karsten Konig
EVP, Global Clients
Jasleen Kaur
Global EVP of Strategy & Operations for Core Services
Rob Verbunt
Global EVP, Strategic Account Management
Cecile Falchier
SVP & Head of Group Controlling
Simon Wieschemann
Global SVP, Client Solutions
Sonia Cheurfa
Global SVP, Securities & Corporate Law
Clementine Gauthier
Global SVP for Corporate Social Responsibility
Vanessa Eke
MD & VP, LanguageLine Solutions UK & EMEA
Danny Kuivenhoven
Global Head of Generative AI
Dallas Fitzpatrick
Global DE&I Director
Ruchi Gupta
Retail Vertical & New Business BPO Services Leader
Imane Ryany
Global Operations Leader