Jeppe Paaske

Chefjurist at TestaViva

Jeppe Paaske is a chefjurist at TestaViva. Jeppe has also worked as an advokatfuldmægtig at Advokat Loiborg, where they specialized in handling deceased estates, wills and probate, and marital property division. Paaske has also worked as a sagsbehandler at Krim Retshjælp.

Jeppe Paaske studied at Aarhus University, where they earned a Cand.jur. (equivalent to a Master's degree in law), a Bachelor i jura (Bachelor's degree in law), and an HA(jur.) (higher education diploma in law). Jeppe also studied at IBC International Business College, where they earned an HHX (high school diploma) in English, economics, and IT.

Jeppe Paaske reports to Kenneth Krabbe, CEO. Jeppe Paaske works with Kristian Kaa - CTO, Michael Lauritzen - CCO and Co Founder, and Ole Krøijer - CDO.


  • Chefjurist

    Current role