Josh Greenberg

VP, Government Relations at Boston Children's Hospital

Josh Greenberg, Esq. is an attorney, and serves as the Vice President of Government Relations at Boston Children’s Hospital. His primary responsibility is oversight of city, state and federal fiscal and public policy issues, including work on Medicaid/CHIP, pediatric quality, child/public health concerns, research, and medical education. He previously served as Manager of the Children’s Division at Health Care For All, where he directed the Covering Kids Program for Massachusetts. He also coordinated other children’s work, including projects on health quality, teen health and mental health.

Prior to joining Covering Kids, Josh founded an innovative legal aid program (now known as the Medical-Legal Partnership) based at the Boston City Hospital Department of Pediatrics. Josh is a member of policy leadership committees for the Children’s Hospitals Association and the Massachusetts Hospital Association, and has served on the boards of several legal aid organizations. Josh is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Northeastern University’s School of Law.


  • VP, Government Relations

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