Prashanth Pereira

SBU Head - Virtualisation at The Manipal Group

Prashanth Pereira is the current SBU Head of Virtualisation at The Manipal Group. Prashanth has previous experience working as the SBU Head of Secure Digital Authentications & Payments at Manipal Technologies Limited from July 2018 to October 2021.

Manipal Technologies Limited is a company based in Manipal that was started in 1941 as Manipal Power Press, offering print services to banks. Over the years, MTL has grown to become an end-to-end solution provider for banking, publishing, government, telecom, retail, pharma, and FMCG industries. MTL now has locations across 4 continents and provides services to customers in India, USA, Columbia, Mexico, Germany, Thailand, Kenya, Nigeria, China, Vietnam & Thailand.

EBT strives to understand tomorrows needs and bring solutions today. The company launched Virtualization solutions which aim to secure the Digital ecosystem from frauds. The solutions are also GDPR & PDPB Compliant and the first line of defence against frauds. The solutions launched include the MIRI Token (offline OTP) – which reduces over 50% sms cost to the banks and ensures 100% accuracy. MIRI ID – all in one solution which takes care of your Physical Identity card/Access Mgmt / Internet login / Single Sign on / Visitor Mgmt etc. MIRI card – Virtual card – dynamic patented algo which ensures self destructing one time use tokens

Prashanth Pereira has a B'Com from the University of Mumbai in Commerce & Computer Mgmt. Prashanth also has a certification from LinkedIn in Executive Presence on Video Conference Calls, Leading Virtual Meetings, and Managing Virtual Teams.

Prashanth Pereira reports to Kamaljeet Rastogi, CEO. They are on a team with S Sudhish Rao - VP, R&D & New Product Development, Nagaraj T R - SBU Head - CrossFraud, and Anuj Arora - Business Manager.

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