Thena started in April 2022 by former Branch and Goldman Sachs executives with a vision of redefining customer communication and intelligence. We raised pre-seed from Pejman Nozad of Pear VC, Ben Narasin of Tenacity Fund, Mike Molinet of Branch, Michael Katz of mParticle, Coby Berman of Radar, J Zac of Lattice and others. Email is old. Slack is new. Communicate with your customers from their favorite messaging ap...



  • Ownership

    We all think Thena is our company, we give our best in our work and also take responsibility for anything else we notice that is not as per our values.

  • Good Judgement

    Every situation, decision, and challenge is unique, and we greatly value the use of good judgment in deciding the best path forward.

  • Urgency

    We believe moving at a speed no one moves is the best speed, it keeps us stay ahead of the curve. We move at speed by treating matters at hand urgently.

  • Humility & Respect

    No single person is going to make us reach our vision. We are in this together, and we treat everyone with humility and respect regardless of status or seniority without egos.

  • Results-focused execution

    Shooting in the dark is fun, but we look at the results of every milestone and be agile to change plans if something doesn't work, however painful it is.

  • Transparency & Feedback

    We are easy to communicate with, open to feedback, and candid. We could connect with anyone, get any information we need, and make the work atmosphere trustworthy.

  • Customers first

    We are here because of our mission to solve customers' problems, they are our foundation and remain a priority every day of our journey.

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Ankit Saxena
Co-Founder & CEO
Unmukt Raizada
Govind Kavaturi

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