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Org chart

Laura González-Estéfani
Founder, CEO & General Partner
Guillermo Cortina
Operating Partner
Andy Areitio
Partner, Americas
Andrés Dancausa
Partner, Europe
Katya Skorobogatova
Growth Operational Partner
Clara Bullrich
Co-Founder & General Partner
Margaret Rowe
Investment Director Americas
Jimena Zubiria
VP, Comms. & People, Americas
Iñigo Eguia
Scouter & Analyst, Product-Led Growth Program EMEA
Edson McKeenzy
Investment Director, Product-Led Growth Program Americas
Edgard Duque
Manager, Americas Product-Led Growth Program
Brooke Richardson
Manager, Product-led Growth Program Europe
Fernando Dal Re Olleros
VP, Product-Led Growth Program, EMEA
Andrés Fajardo
VP, Product
Roberto Carlos Navas
VP, Engineering, Lab
Víctor J Servin
Chief Technology Officer, Operating Partner
David Smith
VP, Data & Analytics
Carlos Montes
VP, Comms. & People, EMEA
Luis Guzmán
Growth Marketing Lead
Ricardo Sangion
VP, Product-Led Growth Program, Americas
Garoe González
Product Data Analyst
Santiago Canalejo
Chief Operations Officer
Rodrigo Vogeler
Marketing & Communications manager