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Profile photo of Luigi Gubitosi, CEO & General Manager at TIM
Luigi Gubitosi
CEO & General Manager
Luigi Gubitosi
Profile photo of Pietro Labriola, CEO, TIM Brasil at TIM
Pietro Labriola
CEO, TIM Brasil
Profile photo of Carlo Filangieri, CEO, FiberCop at TIM
Carlo Filangieri
CEO, FiberCop
Profile photo of Stefano Siragusa, COO at TIM
Stefano Siragusa
Profile photo of Giovanni Ronca, CFO at TIM
Giovanni Ronca
Profile photo of Michele Gamberini, CTO & CIO at TIM
Michele Gamberini
Profile photo of Federico Rigoni, Chief Revenue Officer at TIM
Federico Rigoni
Chief Revenue Officer
Profile photo of Nicola Grassi, Chief Procurement Officer at TIM
Nicola Grassi
Chief Procurement Officer
Profile photo of Giovanni Gionata Massimiliano Moglia, Chief Regulatory Affairs & Wholesale Market Officer at TIM
Giovanni Gionata Massimiliano Moglia
Chief Regulatory Affairs & Wholesale Market Officer
Profile photo of Elisabetta Romano, EVP & Chief Innovation & Partnership Officer at TIM
Elisabetta Romano
EVP & Chief Innovation & Partnership Officer
Profile photo of Luciano Sale, Director of HR, Organization & Real Estate at TIM
Luciano Sale
Director of HR, Organization & Real Estate

Board & Advisors

Profile photo of Salvatore Rossi, Chairman at TIM
Salvatore Rossi
Profile photo of Arnaud Roy De Puyfontaine, Director at TIM
Arnaud Roy De Puyfontaine
Profile photo of Paola Bonomo, Indipendent Director at TIM
Paola Bonomo
Indipendent Director
Profile photo of Marella Moretti, Director at TIM
Marella Moretti
Profile photo of Agostino Nuzzolo, General Counsel & Secretary of Board at TIM
Agostino Nuzzolo
General Counsel & Secretary of Board
Franck Cadoret
Giovanni Gorno Tempini
Paolo Boccardelli
Independent Director
Ilaria Romagnoli
Independent Director
Paola Sapienza
Independent Director
Paola Camagni
Independent Director
Federico Ferro Luzzi
Independent Director
Cristiana Falcone
Independent Director
Luca De Meo
Independent Director
Maurizio Carli
Independent Director

Positions not yet in org chart

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