Vincent Berthou

Vice President, Technical Services at Transocean

Vincent Berthou has a diverse work experience spanning over several companies and roles. Vincent began their career at Chargeurs, where they worked as a Project Engineer and later as a Process Engineer. In 1995, they joined Schlumberger as a Rig Engineer, providing support for a DP semi-submersible rig in Nigeria and working on various projects in Cameroon, Gabon, and Congo. In 1999, they moved to Transocean and served as a Rig Manager, overseeing operations and customer relationships in Nigeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan. During this time, they were also involved in the construction and start-up of the Sedco Express, a fifth-generation DP semi-submersible. Vincent later became the Country Manager for the Caspian Sea region and established an office in Turkmenistan. Vincent then took on the role of General Manager Operations for the Mediterranean and Caspian Sea, responsible for operations in Libya, Italy, Egypt, Turkey, Romania, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan. Most recently, Vincent held the positions of Director of Engineering and Technical Services and Vice President of Technical Services at Transocean.

Vincent Berthou completed their Master's Degree in Engineering from Centrale Lille from 1989 to 1992. In 2011, they also participated in the Transocean leadership development programme at CEDEP - Executive Development in Fontainebleau.


Previous companies

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  • Vice President, Technical Services

    August, 2018 - present

  • Director, Engineering And Technical Services

    February, 2017

  • Operations Director Asia Australia

    November, 2011

  • General Manager Operations Mediterranean & Caspian Sea

    February, 2009

  • Operations Manager Special Projects

    August, 2008

  • Country Manager Caspian Sea

    January, 2005

  • Rig Manager

    March, 1999