Richard Williams

Director at Trevali Mining

Richard Williams currently serves as the Executive Chairman of Bunker Hill Mining Corp and is a former Chief Operating Officer at Barrick Gold Company and Barrick’s Executive Envoy to Tanzania (2014 to 2018). He has also served as Chief Executive Officer of the Afghan Gold and Minerals Company (2010 to 2014) and as a non-executive director of Gem Diamonds Limited, listed on the London Stock Exchange (2015 to 2018). In addition to his mining experience, Mr. Williams served as the Commanding Officer of the British Army’s Special Forces Regiment, the SAS. He has an MBA from Cranfield University, a Master’s Degree in Security Studies from Kings College London, and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from University College London. He is also on the Board of Canada’s Vimy Foundation, a charity with a mission to preserve and promote Canada’s First World


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