Rafael Cosman

Co-Founder & CEO at TrustToken

Rafael Cosman is a machine learning engineer and entrepreneur. Rafael is the co-founder and CEO of TrustToken, a company that provides a platform for people to tokenize and trade real-world assets.

Prior to TrustToken, Cosman was a machine learning engineer at Google Brain, where they worked on novel methods for reinforcement learning exploration. Rafael also served as a machine learning consultant at Kernel, and as a fellow at Lightspeed Venture Partners.

In addition to their work in the tech industry, Cosman is also the co-founder of StreetCode Academy, a non-profit tech hub in East Palo Alto that provides tech education programs for hundreds of youth each year. Rafael has also served as the first Innovator in Residence at StartX, and as a co-founder of One Salon.

Rafael Cosman attended La Jolla High School for their high school education. Rafael then went on to study computer science at Stanford University and received their bachelor's degree from there.

Marek Kirejczyk - Chief Technology Officer, Bill Wolf - Chief Investment Officer, and Alex De Lorraine - COO & Sr. Director, Finance report to Rafael Cosman.


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