Stephen LeBlanc

Chief of Staff at U.S. Government Publishing Office

Steve LeBlanc leads Security & Intelligent Documents (SID), the GPO business unit that designs, prints, personalizes and delivers Secure Federal Credentials for many Government Agencies, which includes the U.S. passport for the State Department.

LeBlanc joined GPO in 2005, as the SID operations manager. He led the GPO team that worked with the State Department to bring the electronic Passport from concept to reality. As of 2006, GPO had delivered more than 50 million electronic Passports. Other credentials produced in LeBlanc’s operation include the Trusted Traveler Card for Customs and Border Protection, the Medicare Benefit Card for beneficiaries in Puerto Rico, and credential badges for law enforcement officers.

In 2007, LeBlanc opened the GPO Secure Credential Center for the production and personalization of secure cards. The center is a secure, government-owned facility, staffed and managed by government employees with the appropriate clearances. Today, secure Federal credentials are taking on an increasingly important role among the products GPO offers to its customers.

LeBlanc was previously Production Manager at GPO, overseeing three shifts of production staff engaged in printing the official journals of Government. In this position, he was responsible for production plans, equipment, budgets, schedules, and deadlines.

Prior to joining GPO, LeBlanc was with the Washington Post, where he held the positions of Production Superintendent and Manager, Packaging and Distribution. LeBlanc served on active duty for 23 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

LeBlanc received a B.S. degree from Villanova University and went on to earn a Masters in National Strategic Studies from the U. S. Army War College and an M.B.A. from the University of Rochester.



  • Chief of Staff

    October, 2022 - present

  • Managing Director, Security & Intelligent Documents

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