United Steelworkers

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The USW is 1.2 million working and retired members throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, working together to improve our jobs; to build a better future for our families; and to promote fairness, justice and equality.





Org chart

Thomas M. Conway
International President

Thomas M. Conway

John E. Shinn
International Secretary, Treasurer
David Mccall
International VP, Administration
Marty Warren
National Director, Canada
Roxanne Brown
International VP at Large
Leeann Foster
International VP
Donnie Blatt
District 1 Director
Scott Lunny
Director District 3
Del Vitale
District 4 Director
Dominic Lemieux
Director District 5
Myles Sullivan
Director District 6
Michael R. Millsap
Director District 7
Larry Ray
Director District 8
Daniel Flippo
District 9 Director
Bernie Hall
Director District 10
Emil Ramirez
Director District 11
Gaylan Z. Prescott
Director District 12
Larry Burchfield
Director District 13
Kevin Mapp
International VP, Human Affairs
Benjamin Davis
Director Of International Affairs
Roy Houseman
Legislative Director
Tony Catonzaro
Chief Auditor
Branden Gross
Unit President
Gary Ramsey
Shannon Devine
Department Head, Communications And Political Action
Mariel Cruz Martínez
President And Spokesperson
Brett Benson
Data Analytics Manager
Natasha Rosado
Information Technology Specialist