Crysti Chen

Co-founder & General Partner at UniWill Ventures

Crysti Chen obtained her Master of Management in Global Affair from Schwarzman College in Tsinghua University, an MS.E.D in Education Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania, and her B. An in Political Economy and International Studies from the University of Washington. She is a China Oceanview Fellow, AVPN BMW Foundation Asia Impact Fellow, and Mary Gates Leadership Scholar. Prior to co-founding UniWill Ventures in 2017, Crysti founded 2 NGOs which missioned in promoting education access and social justice in developing countries. 9 consecutive years of dedicated work in nonprofit made her realize the power of capital in driving social changes. Therefore, Crysti devoted herself to the Venture Capital pathway with a particular focus on funding “social enterprises” and “investing for an impact”. Crysti is passionate and supportive of talented startup teams across fields, she is connecting dots between mission-driven entrepreneurs and urgent societal/ environmental issues. She has been dedicatedly looking for futuristic and scalable solutions to improve humans’ lives without compromising our ocean, forest, biodiversity, and humanity. She’s down for circular economy, inclusive society, and become a leading voice in impact investing as a female millennial investor.



  • Co-founder & General Partner

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