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Aaron Lapierre
Chief Customer Officer
Amber Cheek
People Operations Manager
Ali Edgar
Torre Matthew
Product Manager
Shaade Oliveros-Tavares
Sr. Product Designer
Rob Ridgeway
Sr. Product Manager
Mike Saunders
VP of Engineering

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Meet Andrew Morton, VP of Sales at UserVoice

Meet Andrew Morton, VP of Sales at UserVoice

Andrew Morton didn’t initially like the idea of being a salesman. It’s a bit of a strange admission from the new Vice President of Sales at UserVoice, but he had a preconceived notion of what sales involved, and he didn’t think it suited him. “I always had the perception of sales being like used car salesmen, and I never wanted to be that guy,” he says. Andrew started out his career working in hospitality, and through that role he got to dip his toe into the water and help out with sales functions. He quickly realized there was more to it than he thought, and was pleased to find that it actually suited him too. “Before that I was always very much about building relationships and creating really positive experiences for customers. That just naturally translated into sales, because what I found was that sales was really about connecting with people and helping to solve the challenges that they're facing as a business.” That was around 13 years ago, and since then Andrew’s gone on to hold a range of sales and marketing leadership positions. He joined UserVoice in June 2021, having been impressed by the opportunity and outlook of the company. “I was being pretty selective about what I was looking for, but I saw the application had a big emphasis on diversity. There was a note at the end of the job description that was like, ‘Hey, people from different ethnic backgrounds, different cultural backgrounds, we encourage you to apply for this role.’ I was like, ‘That's really cool.’ I could see these guys were hyper focused and aligned on their values, and that they were actually executing them too.” Andrew brings a personalized approach to sales, believing there’s no one right way to do things. He believes sales teams operate best when leaders allow individuals to operate in a way that suits them best, and he works with the team to perpetuate that idea. “I'm not a huge advocate of, ‘Hey, you need to go call 200 people, five days a week in the office from 8am to 6pm. And if you don't, we're gonna fail’, right? So it's a real emphasis on what our KPIs are, getting to those KPIs, and not so much trying to say ‘These are the best practices, or everybody has to take a standardized avenue to get this right.’” Andrew also thinks it’s critical for leaders to model behavior around work/life balance. “I believe in setting space and having certain times when I'm unavailable, because I have things that exist outside of the office. If I block out those times, then I can encourage others to do so as well.” “We had a recent example where we were going to host a regroup meeting at 6pm on a Friday before a holiday weekend. And I was like, ‘I'm not going to regroup everybody at 6pm on a Friday before you go into a long weekend. It's not important enough, we can address it next week.’” It certainly suits Andrew’s private life to be able to have time away from work - he has four kids aged 10, seven, five, and two. He says being able to raise kids is “the coolest thing of all time”, though it certainly does mean he’s busy. He likes to do jiu jitsu, has run a couple of half marathons, and enjoys any physical activity that helps him to blow off steam. However, the opportunities to do those things are somewhat limited with kids to look after.

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