Vax-Immune Diagnostics


LabReady® is redefining the 85-year-old specimen collection process–leading to faster, more reliable diagnoses. The company has automated and compressed the required sample enrichment process bacterial and viral specimens down to a 2.5-ounce, handheld device that can be used by physicians, nurses, a... Read more




Org chart

Leonard E. Weisman, MD

Eileen Weisman
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
Phil Weiner
Chief of Staff
Tom Lagatta
Vice President of Sales
Leonard E. Weisman, MD
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Jeannette Underwood
Bookkeeper (External)
Kevin Lovins, CPA
Accountant (External)
Tom Renner
Director, Quality Assurance
Tom Renner
Director, Regulatory Affairs
James Remenick, JD
Corporate, IP Attorney
Andrew Rogovin, JD
Corporate Business Attorney
Sarah Ihle, MBA
Manager, Manufacturing USA
Scott Miller
Manager, Manufacturing China