Dana Bowers

Founder, Board Member & Chief Solution Architect at Venminder

Dana Bowers is Founder, Board Member and Chief Solutions Architect at Venminder where she assists with the firm’s long-term strategy and innovative product development. Dana has been an entrepreneur and leader in the financial industry for more than 30 years.

As the Founder of Venminder, Dana designed an entire new approach to vendor management by creating a state of the art software and integrated services solution that allows organizations to answer the ever growing challenges and regulatory demand for vendor management compliance. Dana served as Venminder’s CEO for five years until 2018. Under her leadership, Venminder grew into the third-party risk management leader it is today with almost 1,000 clients ranging in size from small to Fortune 100 organizations.

Prior to Venminder, Dana founded and led the team as CEO at iPay Technologies. Under Dana’s leadership, iPay grew from a start-up in 2001 to the one of largest, independent bill pay providers in the United States. When the company was sold to Jack Henry and Associates in 2010, iPay had a 40% market share, millions of subscribers and moved billions of dollars annually.

This hands on operating experience in a high-profile/high-risk “vendor” business gave Dana a unique perspective into the challenges organizations face on a daily basis. Whether it’s negotiating a financial technology contract, sitting across from examiners to answer tough questions regarding safety and soundness or protecting confidential customer data, she has sat in her customer’s chair. Following the sale of iPay to Jack Henry, Dana recognized the opportunity to use her experience and assist financial institutions and other organizations with managing their critical vendor relationships. The team at Venminder was formed with the vision and goal to create a best in class outsource vendor management solution, Venminder.

Throughout Dana’s career, her proven leadership and talent has been recognized by many. She was awarded the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 award for the South Central Ohio/Kentucky region in the Technology category.

Dana is on the board of advisors for the University of Louisville College of Business and serves as a board member for Associates in Pediatric Therapy, a Kentucky-based company. In 2019, CSI elected Dana as it's newest board member. Dana earned her bachelor's degree in Business Management from Embry Riddle University.



  • Founder, Board Member & Chief Solution Architect

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