Vigo County School Corporation

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The Vigo County School Corporation is one of Vigo County’s largest employers, serving nearly 14,000 students in three traditional high schools, five middle schools, 18 elementary schools, an alternative school, and a virtual school.





Org chart

Christopher A. Himsel

Christopher A. Himsel

Karen Goeller
Deputy Superintendent
Stacy Mason
Assistant Superintendent of Building Leadership
Susan Cobb
Assistant Superintendent of Special Education
Matthew McClendon
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
John Newport
COO, Facility Operations, Food Services & Transportation
Teresa Stuckey
Executive Director, Elementary Education, Title I & Communication
Michael Cox
Director of HR
Doug Dillion
Director, Career & Technical Education
Tom Lentes
Director, Food Services
Tom Balitewicz
Director, Student Services, Title IX Coordinator
Jayne Ann Virostko
Interim Director, Student Services
Greg Gauer
Assistant Director, Facilities & Transportation
Catherine Hill
Executive Secretary to the Superintendent