Mehool Patel

VP Software Engineering at VUI

Mehool Patel has over 20 years of work experience in software engineering. Mehool began their career in 1992 as a Senior DSP Software Engineer at DSP Software Engineering, where they designed and implemented standard ITU V-series and proprietary modem algorithms for various DSP architectures. In 1995, they co-founded MVP Development Group, a start-up venture specializing in the development and licensing of embedded DSP software for advanced DSP architectures used in high density telecom applications. In 1999, they worked as an Independent Consultant for Cisco NMS Communications, Dialogic, and PictureTel. In 2002, they became the Team Lead/Manager Platform Development at sentitO Networks. In 2005, they joined Sonus Networks as a Member of Technical Staff. In 2006, they were promoted to Director of Engineering, Platform Data Path Software at Acme Packet. In 2013, they were promoted to Director of Architecture, leading a cross-functional team of architects and senior engineers. In 2016, they joined Jibo, Inc. as the Head of Robot Platform Engineering, leading robotics platform software team for embedded Linux SoC environment and C++ and Python development for computer vision and perception, body movement and firmware, audio path, media processing, WebRTC integration, security and 802. 11 wireless networking. In 2018, they joined VUI, Inc. as VP Software Engineering, leading software architecture, development and operation teams responsible for delivering secure, scalable, and high performing products, cloud services and APIs powered by VUI's machine learning pipeline and conversational AI.

Mehool Patel obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Additionally, they have obtained five certifications from Coursera, including Convolutional Neural Networks (October 2018), Improving Deep Neural Networks (July 2018), Structuring Machine Learning Projects (July 2018), Neural Networks and Deep Learning (May 2018), and Machine Learning (February 2018).


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  • VP Software Engineering

    October, 2018 - present