Warrior Sports


Warrior Sports develops mobile applications that are for both Android and iOS users. Brine Shootout is one of the high quality applications by Warrior Sports.






Org chart

Cindy Abbott
Chief Executive Officer

Cindy Abbott

Carey Berchulc
Global Head of Human Resources and Inside Sales
Kevin Klucka
Director Of Operations & US Mfg.
Adrien Maheas
Assistant marketing Web
Dan Holdridge
Senior Sports Marketing
M. Gabe O'Neil
Brand Manager
Mike Skudin
Sales And Marketing Representative
Ryan Mort
Associate Brand Manager
Shannon Geisinger
Marketing Manager
Paul Vandebussche
Associate Marketing Manager
Aaron Kaczorowski
Product Developer
Brendan Daschke
Custom Product Design Lead
Brendan Scartozzi
Pro Hockey Product & Sales Coordinator
Craig Herman
Product Developer - Brine Lacrosse and Field Hockey
dale kohler
Product Management
Danielle K.
Product developer performance apparel
Edward Cormier
Sr. Product Engineer
Kirk Allen
Product Manager - Goalie
Robert Gill
Product Manager - Hockey
Victor Hudon-Turgeon
Product Designer Jr
Vincent Arpin
Senior Category Manager
John Dekemp
Product Developer / Engineer In Training
Emily Spalding
Product Manager
Annie King
Product Development Engineer In Training
Parth Khandekar
Product Engineering Specialist