Han Ko

CTO & Board of Directors at Watch Skins

Han Ko has 3 decades of experience in international technology investing and business scaling. Utilizing his engineering background in software development, blockchain and system integration, Han has successfully launched and operated multiple ventures in the U.S. and Asia. His experience includes various venture capital investments in technology and commercial real estate, such as WIF AX (a $50M+ Morgan Stanley managed investment Fund) and Capital Innovators. Han has held various leadership and advisory roles in multiple for-profit organizations, serving as an investor, board member, advisor, and mentor for multiple startups and mid-size companies in the U.S. and Asia. In addition, he serves on multiple boards of not-for-profits, including the AACC Chamber of Commerce, and is an official member of Presidential Advisor of South Korea (NUAC). Han has recently been featured in the 2020 edition of “The Top 100 People in Finance” magazine for his achievements.


  • CTO & Board of Directors

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