Priya Kothari

Chief of Staff at Webflow

Priya Kothari is the current Chief of Staff at Webflow. Priya has held various positions at different companies including Creative Market, Autodesk, Blackbaud, Springbox, Nortel, and RobbinsKersten Direct. Priya has a wide range of experience in operations, marketing, and web development. Priya is a skilled problem solver and has a proven track record of success in their previous positions.

Priya Kothari attended The University of Texas at Austin, where they earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree.

They work with Bryant Chou - Co-Founder, Mike Podobnik - VP, People, and Shane Murphy-Reuter - Chief Marketing Officer. Their manager is Vlad Magdalin, Co-Founder & CEO.


  • Chief of Staff

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