Weedmaps is a tech company that allows users to review and discuss cannabis strains and local dispensaries for adult-use and or medical-use marijuana.






Christopher Beals

Brian Camire
General Counsel
Mike Grishaver
SVP, Product
Facu Lavino-Zona
VP, Revenue Strategy & Operations
Michele Cheowtirakul
VP General Manager - Brands Client Vertical
Meera P.
Vp, People & Workplace
Andrew Langtry
Vice President Marketplace Strategy Operations
Jaret Christopher
General Manager Vice President CRM Software
Meera Pisharody
VP, People
Ken Pepple
Vice President Technical Operations
Jackie Gonzalez-Becerra
Vice President, Revenue
Travis Rexroad
Head Of Integrated Marketing & Corporate Communications
Tony Tran
Head Of Media Planning & Buying
Ben Azarraga
Senior Art Director
Ali Suddith
Senior Manager, Brand Marketing & Strategic Initiatives
Jacob Cunningham
Strategic Account Manager
Paul Turrubiartes
Manager Of Client Success
Jeff Lee
Senior Director FP A
Kelly Symmes
Director Of Accounting
Kory Yeh
Director, Revenue Finance
Anthony Lopez
Strategic Account Manager
Bruce Reid II
Manager, Finance
Cory Pearson
Senior Accounting Manager
Eric J.
Senior Manager, Financial Reporting
Izaac Cobian
Strategic Account Manager
Jade Alvarez
Sr. Manager, Strategic Markets
Kevin Pham
Senior Finance Manager
Michelle Lai
Senior Strategic Finance Manager
Miranda Teed
Senior SOX And Accounting Projects Manager
Ryne Feulner
Senior Manager, Strategic Finance
Sherilyn Medina
Finance Operations Manager
Zarif Khan
Sales Business Development
Alice dos Reis
Content Manager
Stephen Kenneston
Content Specialist
Lauren Wilson
Content Writer
Will Sham
Product Marketing Manager