Cameron Zoub

Co-Founder at Whop

Cameron Zoub is the Co-Founder of Whop, a proxy company that provides proxies to small-business owners in the high-frequency trading and limited-stock commodities industry. Cameron has also previously served as the Chief Operating Officer of Conjug8, a language-learning software aimed at providing major research institutions with time-saving resources for in-and-out of classroom use. At Conjug8, Cameron oversaw strategic product development. Prior to that, they were the CEO and Founder of Shoe Snatcher, a high-frequency trading program which acts as an arbitrage in the shoe market. Under Cameron's leadership, Shoe Snatcher raised over $1,400,000 in investment from hedge-funds and angel investors. Within the first two months of running, the company made over $350,000 in sales. Cameron also previously served as the Chief Operating Officer of Sole Snatcher.

Cameron Zoub went to Highland Park High School for their leadership education. Cameron then attended Wright for their leadership field education.



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