Helen Thorbjörn Lans

Payroll Controller at Winningtemp

Helen Thorbjörn Lans has been in the workforce since 2017, starting as an Interim Auktoriserad Lönekonsult med kunskap inom HR och Ekonomi for Fantastiska Tider AB. In 2018, they took on two roles, one as a Payroll Consultant for Escenda Engineering AB and another as an HR/Löne-konsult for Bakels Sweden. In 2019, they were a Payroll Manager & HR Support for Fingerprint Cards. In 2020, they were a Projektledare specialprojekt HR & Lön for Folkteatern Goteborg and a Projektledare specialprojekt LÖN for Carmenta. In 2021, they were a Payroll Controller for Winningtemp and a Lönekonsult for Nordentic. Helen is currently a Payroll Consultant for RES since 2022, where they are responsible for löpande löneadministration for drygt 50 tjm.

Helen Thorbjörn Lans began their education in 1983 when they earned a Gymnasieekonom degree from Ånässkolan in the field of Ekonomi. In 2002, they earned a Dataekonom degree from Yrkeshögskolan i Mölnlycke in the fields of Ekonomi, Lön, and IT. In 2011, they earned a Diplomerad HR Koordinator degree from Sensus in the field of HR. In 2015, they earned an Auktoriserad Lönekonsult degree from SRF Konsulterna in the field of Lön. In 2018, they attended 4good Business Network Göteborg. In 2020, they attended Stockholm School of Business for Digital transformation för lönespecialister. In 2021, they are currently attending Stockholm School of Business for Systemförvaltning för lönespecialister. Additionally, Helen has obtained certifications from BG Institute for Comp & Ben in 2019, from Srf konsulterna for Auktoriserad Lönekonsult in 2015, and from Sensus for Diplomerad HR-koordinator in 2012.



  • Payroll Controller

    August, 2021 - present