Fernando Ceres Montesinos

Frontend Developer at Twentyfour

Fernando Ceres Montesinos has a diverse work experience. Fernando started working as an Arquitecto técnico at ACCIONA in December 2015 and continued until September 2016. From October 2016 to June 2017, they were employed as an Arquitecto Tecnico - Tecnico de prevencion at CONVAL TURIA S.L. In June 2012, they began working as a stock associate at Hollister Co. and remained in this role until June 2019. Since June 2019, they have been working as a Freelance Web designer and developer (part-time) at fcw.development, where they utilize PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, and React native to create user-friendly interfaces for websites and mobile apps. Additionally, they joined HTML24 in January 2020 as a Frontend Developer.

Fernando Ceres Montesinos has a diverse education history. In 2010, they started their education at Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) where they pursued a degree in Grado en Arquitectura Técnica, specializing in Architecture. Fernando completed this program in 2015.

Moving forward, in 2018, Fernando enrolled at KEA - Københavns Erhvervsakademi where they pursued an AP - Multimedia Design and Communication degree. Fernando'sexact field of study is not specified for this program. Fernando completed this program in 2020.

In 2019, Fernando attended Humber College and studied Web development and interactive media, with a focus on front-end development. Fernando completed this program in 2020.

Continuing their education, from 2020-2021, they attended KEA - Københavns Erhvervsakademi once again, this time pursuing a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) degree in Web development.

Overall, Fernando has a background in Architecture, Multimedia Design and Communication, and Web development, with a specific interest in front-end development.


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