Chris Haire

VP of Engineering at Yuga Labs

Chris Haire is currently the VP of Engineering at Yuga Labs. Prior to this, they were the VP Engineering and CTO at Zwift. Chris was responsible for leading the team through stabilizing the backend platform and successfully scaling to 5x previous concurrent customers. Chris also launched Ecommerce at in US in 6-months, expanding to 70% of global market 12 months later. Haire has also been instrumental in helping the team raise $575M through the Series B and Series C rounds, leading tech due diligence.

Chris Haire holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Chris Haire reports to Nicole Muniz, CEO. They work with Haley Ross - Head of Strategy, Natalie Stone - Executive Producer, CryptoPunks, and Jasmin Shoemaker - COO.


  • VP of Engineering

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