Tina Avanessian

Director, Community Partnerships at Yuga Labs

Tina Avanessian has a wealth of experience in the marketing and creative industry, with roles at top companies such as Yuga Labs, Twitter, and TBWA\Media Arts Lab. As a Director, Community Partnerships, Tina has shown expertise in overseeing cross-functional marketing campaigns, managing production processes, and creating assets for global product launches. Tina's background also includes roles such as Senior Creative Producer, Associate Producer, and Interactive Producer, showcasing their skills in project management, client relations, and team coordination. With a degree in Economics and International Studies from UC Irvine, Tina has a solid educational foundation to complement their professional experience.


Previous companies

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  • Director, Community Partnerships

    January 1, 2024 - present

  • Community Team Lead

    January, 2023

  • Experience Strategist

    January, 2022