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What is Automated Org Chart Software—and How Can It Help You?

By Clayton Spangle

Last updated: Feb 15, 2023

Learn what automated org chart software is and how it can help your business.

More and more companies are setting up org charts, and there are good reasons for that. An org chart can help you:

  • Hire better employees
  • Build stronger teams
  • Boost productivity throughout your organization

Best of all, creating an org chart is easier than ever. By using automated org chart software, you can reap the benefits of an org chart without the usual headaches. In this guide, we’re going to look at what automated org chart software is and how it can help you. We’ll even go over a few of the best automated org chart tools available today.

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What is automated org chart software?

Traditional org chart software is manual. This means that users must create and maintain the chart themselves. Most org chart makers give users the option to start with a template, but you would still have to fill out the details of each employee and department manually.

Other org chart makers are automated. These tools will generate an org chart automatically using an existing source, such as an HR management system or CSV file. Most types of automated org chart software will also auto-update the org chart to reflect any changes made to the source database.

Is automated org chart software right for you?

First off, it’s important to remember that automated org chart software isn’t always better than a manual tool. For some companies, manual software makes more sense. For example, most automated org chart makers can only draw data from a single source. This is a problem for companies that have their employee information spread out over multiple HR systems, IT systems and collaboration apps. In that case, compiling this information from disparate sources to generate an automated org chart could be just as time-consuming as building a chart from scratch.

And if your organization rarely changes its structure or personnel, an auto-update feature may not be worth the extra investment. (Automated org chart software tends to be more expensive than manual, though there are exceptions to this rule.)

Before choosing automated org chart software, consider whether it really fits your company’s needs. You could be signing up for unnecessary headaches — and expenses.

On the other hand, if an automated org chart is right for you, then there are several great options available. Let’s look at some of the most popular choices.

Best examples of automated org chart software

1. Freshteam

Freshteam is more than just an org chart maker. It’s a complete HR management system, helping companies simplify a variety of processes. This includes:

  • Hiring
  • Onboarding new employees
  • Managing teams
  • Analyzing staff data

Freshteam also includes premium automated org chart software. Users can sync Freshteam with their existing HR database to auto-generate and update a comprehensive org chart.

Best for: Freshteam is especially popular for companies who want a full HR management system rather than a simple org chart maker.

Pricing plans:

  • Free: No cost for up to 50 employees
  • Growth: $59 per month + $1 per employee per month
  • Pro: $99 per month + $2 per employee per month
  • Enterprise: $169 per month + $4 per employee per month

Visit the Freshteam website.

2. ChartHop

Founded in 2020, ChartHop is one of the newest org chart makers on the market. But despite its youth, this tool has already earned a reputation as reliable automated org chart software.

ChartHop emphasizes its auto-update feature, designed to help companies keep up with rapid organizational changes. ChartHop also lets users:

  • Store past versions of an org chart for review
  • Model future org charts to track projected growth or test a possible change
  • Generate analytical reports from data in the org chart

Best for: ChartHop’s automated update and analytics features make it ideal for companies that change staff and structure frequently.

Pricing plans:

  • Basic: Free for the first 150 employees ($2 per month per employee after that)
  • Standard: $8 per employee per month + one-time implementation fee
  • Premium: $12 per employee per month + one-time implementation fee

Visit the ChartHop website.

3. Organimi

Unlike Freshteam and ChartHop, Organimi takes a stripped-down approach to org chart design. Organimi shuns many of the extraneous features found in other org chart makers, prioritizing ease of use and simplicity instead. Because of this approach, Organimi’s UI is remarkably intuitive and user-friendly.

However, one of the features that Organimi does offer is automation. Organimi is compatible with most HR management systems, or companies can use a simple CSV file to generate a chart. Organimi also offers auto-updates.

Best for: Organimi is great for companies that need a quick, user-friendly org chart maker without any complicated frills.

Pricing plans:

Basic: $10 per month Premium: $20 per month

Visit the Organimi website.

4. Pingboard

Pingboard claims to be an “org chart with superpowers.” This may not be mere hyperbole, either. Pingboard’s main claim to fame is its rich profiles that employees can use to connect with colleagues and show off their talents. (And the 32,000 templates that users can choose from when creating an org chart.)

But Pingboard’s automation features are a powerful draw as well. With auto-generation and auto-updates, companies can use Pingboard to create thorough org charts in a flash.

Best for: Pingboard has become a favorite among large organizations that require complex org charts or must manage frequent organizational changes.

Pricing plans:

  • Team: $119 per month
  • Company: $249 per month (for up to 100 users, then there’s an additional $1.50 per user above that limit)

Visit the Pingboard website.

5. Sift

Sift bills itself as a “people directory.” Like Pingboard, this tool focuses on detailed profiles that transform your org chart into a kind of internal social media platform.

While Sift is not nearly as bare-bones as Organimi, it does maintain a narrow focus, rejecting many of the features included in other org chart makers. Once again, however, automation makes the cut.

Best for: Sift’s detailed employee profiles are appealing to companies who want to use their org chart as an effective employee directory.

Pricing plans:

  • Starter: $1.50 per employee profile per month
  • Pro: $2.50 per employee profile per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Visit the Sift website.

Automated or manual org chart software? Get the best of both worlds with The Org.

Automated org chart software has benefits and drawbacks, as do manual org chart makers. Some tools offer the best of both worlds, such as The Org.

The Org is a public platform that lets users create an org chart and share it with the world — for free. The Org’s intuitive design makes it easier than ever for companies to enjoy the benefits of a public org chart.

Users can sync The Org with their HR management system or applicant tracking system to upload employee information in moments. You can even import data from your Slack account to prepare employee profiles. Then, once the information is uploaded to The Org, you can arrange your chart however you’d like.

Need a little inspiration? Because every org chart on The Org is public, you can always browse the org charts of other companies, including global brands like:

The Org also doubles as a job posting platform. After signing up, companies can advertise their open positions on The Org’s public job board to attract better employees and streamline the hiring process. Interested candidates can even apply directly through The Org itself.

Best of all, The Org is completely free — with no paid plans or hidden fees.

Want to start creating your own free org chart?

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