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The Best Job Posting Sites for Finding Top Talent

By The Org

Last updated: Apr 5, 2023

Job posting sites make finding top talent easy, but there are so many to choose from. Here are our top choices when looking for the best place to post jobs.

When it comes to finding the best job posting sites, there’s no shortage of options. From ZipRecruiter to Monster to Indeed, countless platforms promise to connect companies with top talent. It can be difficult for any recruiter to know where to start.

Most business leaders or HR professionals cast a wide net by using a variety of job posting sites to attract new hires. That’s a great strategy, but you can only sign up for so many. There’s also the cost to consider. Some platforms are free, but others can be quite pricey.

So which ones are worth your time — and possibly money?

Here are our picks for the best job posting sites around.

1. The Org

The Org

The Org helps companies build organizational charts to foster greater transparency, productivity, and top-down clarity. But in addition to those benefits, public org charts are also a great way to showcase job openings and attract skilled employees.

Since an org chart shows the layout of your company clearly, prospective employees can see right from the start how they’d fit in and who they’d be collaborating with. When you post a job on The Org, that makes it easier for them to envision stepping into their new role.

Plus, you’ll be adding some personality to your company and building trust through transparency.

To attract candidates, all you have to do is submit your job through The Org’s Jobs page. Thousands of job seekers visit The Org every day, and there’s bound to be interest in your opening. The team at The Org also shares these jobs once a month through a ‘Coolest Jobs in Tech’ email newsletter. Once you get some applications, you can decide which one is the best fit for your business.

Best of all, while many job boards can be expensive, The Org is completely free. You can reach prospects and convert them into premium staff without ever spending a cent.


  • Free

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Visit The Org’s Website

2. AngelList


AngelList has become a go-to job posting platform for tech companies around the world. It’s already trusted by over 100,000 startups of every size, including major players like Slack and Spotify.

It isn’t just employers who flock to this platform, either. AngelList is often the first place aspiring tech employees look when job hunting, making it prime real estate for finding motivated talent.

AngelList lets you post as many jobs as you need to fill at any time. Once your posting is live, you can sit back and wait for the applications to roll in. You can even reach out to promising users proactively and invite them to check out your job opening.

Once enough candidates have applied, just scroll through, select the ones you think might be a good fit, and “match” with them. This will open conversations with the candidates to begin the interviewing process.


  • Starter plan: Free
  • Pro plan: $250/month (with a seven-day free trial)
  • Custom plan: Pricing depends on customization

Visit AngelList’s Website

3. Indeed


With 250 million monthly users, Indeed is currently the largest job posting site in the world. And unlike AngelList’s tech focus, Indeed caters to virtually every industry. No matter your company’s niche, it’s the perfect place to find the right hire.

Many businesses go straight to Indeed to post their job openings, and there are good reasons for that. First off, every post is free — though you have the option to pay for a sponsored ad to increase your visibility or target specific audiences.

Then, Indeed lets you set up a profile for your company and add content to showcase your brand. You can also search a resume database and contact prospects for a fee.

But one of the biggest reasons Indeed is so reliable for sourcing candidates is because job seekers love the platform. Its mobile-friendly setup and handy resume-building tools make the job hunt much easier, and that draws potential employees in droves.

There’s a reason it’s widely considered one of the best job posting sites on the web.


  • Free
  • Optional pay-per-click service that displays your job on over 25,000 partner sites for as little as $5 a day

Visit Indeed’s website

4. Monster


Monster was the first major job posting site on the internet. Today, it’s home to a network of more than 23 million job seekers, with 7,900 job searches made every minute.

Like Indeed, Monster is a good option for finding talent regardless of your industry. It makes the hiring process as straightforward as possible for employers and candidates alike.

After signing up, you can advertise your job on Monster’s entire online network as well as hundreds of local news sites. You can start, stop, and edit job postings whenever you need to, and there’s no limit on how many applications you can receive as long as your job is live.

And while Monster doesn’t offer a free tier, the price tag comes with plenty of genuine value. The tools and features included in every plan will make life a lot easier for any hiring manager. Plus, every plan starts with a seven-day free trial, so you can see how you like it before committing.


  • Starter plan: $279/month
  • Standard plan: $399/month
  • Premium plan: $749/month

Visit Monster’s website

5. LinkedIn


LinkedIn may not have a reputation for being one of the best job posting sites, but if used right, it can be a great way to find excellent employees at little or no cost.

It doesn’t cost anything to post a job opening and get it out in front of prospects. Then, as the applications arrive, you can review candidates and decide which ones are worth contacting.

And of course, as the world’s largest professional networking site, LinkedIn is the perfect place to look around for good candidates and get in touch with them. With 690 million registered users from around the world and across all industries, the talent pool is deep and broad.

LinkedIn’s paid hiring service, LinkedIn Recruiter, adds even more features, but not without cost. Depending on your budget and needs, the fees may be worth it. If not, LinkedIn Premium is a less expensive alternative that also offers a boost to the hiring process.


  • LinkedIn: Free
  • LinkedIn Premium: $59.99/month–$99.99/month
  • LinkedIn Recruiter: $119.95/month–$999.99/month

Visit LinkedIn’s Website

6. Hired


Like AngelList, Hired is a job posting site for tech companies. However, it breaks the mold by changing how hirers and candidates interact.

Instead of creating a cover letter, resume, and other standard documents, potential employees set up a simple profile with all their information in one place. Recruiters can check out these profiles to learn more about a candidate’s experience, aspirations, and passions.

In short, Hired consolidates the traditional job application process and makes it easier for employers to know exactly who they’re talking to.

After you post your job, Hired’s state-of-the-art algorithms will find users whose skills, experience, and preferences — including salary — match best with the details of your opening. Soon enough, you’ll have a curated list of qualified candidates to look through.

And because Hired shows you every candidate’s work preferences and salary expectations up front, you can negotiate with prospects on a more transparent basis. This saves time for everyone. In fact, Hired’s website claims that they save companies 45 sourcing hours per hire.


  • Flex plan: $249/month
  • Basic plan: $995/month
  • Essential: Contact Hired for a quote
  • Advanced: Contact Hired for a quote

Visit Hired’s Website

7. Triplebyte


Triplebyte is a job posting site used exclusively for software engineering positions. The platform is designed to help engineers find the jobs they’re ready for through an assessment of their actual abilities — rather than just their years of experience or on-paper education.

Prospective employees who want to sign up for Triplebyte must take an online quiz, then join a two-hour virtual interview with a senior engineer and complete a monitored coding challenge. If the prospect passes this screening process, they’re allowed into the job market.

If not, they’re given some tips on areas they can improve, and their application is politely declined.

That means that every candidate on Triplebyte is thoroughly vetted before they have any contact with you. By the time they’re applying for your job, they’ve already demonstrated real software engineering prowess. As a hirer, you can wave goodbye to the time wasted sifting through endless waves of unqualified job seekers.


  • Contact Triplebyte for a quote

Visit Triplebyte’s Website

8. Glassdoor


Glassdoor is seen by many as the Yelp of job hunting. On this platform, hiring managers create a profile for their company, which current and former employees can then rate. By earning positive reviews from happy employees, you can give prospects confidence in the pleasant, professional work environment you would offer them.

That kind of visible reputation goes a long way in attracting in-demand talent who have the option to be picky about where they spend their career.

Glassdoor’s basic plan, which lets you create a profile, add content, and respond to reviews is free. To post jobs and access other useful features, however, you’ll have to buy a custom product package.


  • A mix of free and paid product options — contact Glassdoor for a quote

Visit Glassdoor’s website

9. ZipRecruiter


Originally, ZipRecruiter was a simple tool for small businesses to post job listings affordably. Now, it’s a full-fledged online employment marketplace that uses AI to connect businesses of all sizes with job seekers through internet, mobile, and email services.

ZipRecruiter’s biggest claim to fame is their ability to spread your job post far and wide on your behalf. They’ve partnered with quite a few leading job boards and will post your job listing on over 40 sites, including Indeed, SimplyHired, and eBay Classifieds. They’ll even market your job through daily emails and social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

ZipRecruiter has no free options, but each paid plan starts with a no-risk five-day free trial. If you end up finding the right person before the end of that trial, you can close the post without losing a dime.

Or, if you’re still looking, you can pay to keep your job live to draw even more qualified candidates. ZipRecruiter will then customize a plan for you based on your individual hiring needs.


  • Standard: Contact ZipRecruiter for a quote
  • Premium: Contact ZipRecruiter for a quote
  • Enterprise: Contact ZipRecruiter for a quote

Visit ZipRecruiter’s Website

Bonus: The Best Job Posting Sites for Finding Remote Workers

Many of the job posting sites we’ve already talked about can be used to find remote employees as well as local. However, other platforms are dedicated specifically to remote work — and as more and more companies are hiring remotely, that’s worth talking about.

If you’re looking for the best job posting sites for remote employees, here are some great platforms to get started:

Any and all of these remote job posting platforms are ideal spots for finding talented professionals that can help your business from a distance.

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