Glassdoor Hires Chief Economist to Make Sense of the Shifting Job Market

Glassdoor announced Aaron Terrazas has joined the company as the online workplace transparency platform’s Chief Economist.

Aaron Terrazas. Image courtesy of Aaron Terrazas via LinkedIn.
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Glassdoor announced Aaron Terrazas has joined the company as the online workplace transparency platform’s Chief Economist.

Terrazas, the former research director at digital freight network Convoy, now leads Glassdoor Economic Research, the company’s team of economists and data scientists. The unit, which got its start in 2015, leverages Glassdoor’s own data to decipher real-time insights on the workplace experience and the evolving labor market.

"I'm thrilled to join Glassdoor and a team that is innovating the next frontier of applied workplace research at such a critical juncture for the labor market,” Terrazas said in the company’s announcement. "It's an exciting time to have such a window into the new age of work, with its changing norms and a generation whose formative career years will be starkly different from its predecessors."

Terrazas brings robust experience and knowledge across the transportation, logistics and real estate industries. Before his time at Convoy, Terrazas was the Director of Economic Research at Zillow and as an economist with the United States Treasury Department's Office of Economic Policy.

Terrazas takes over Glassdoor’s economic and data science team as the company, and the rest of the world, attempts to make sense of the rapidly shifting dynamics of the labor market and global economy.

Over the past couple months, the landscape for tech job-seekers has seemingly been turned on its head as companies that were once at the whim of applicants are now rescinding job offers and conducting rounds of layoffs amid fears of an upcoming recession.

The Glassdoor Economic Research team painted a rosier picture of the tech industry’s outlook earlier this month in their May jobs report, stating, “Despite prominent reports of layoffs & hiring freezes in tech, there’s no sign of a tech downturn in May. Information added 16,000 jobs and professional & technical services added 48,200 jobs. Data from the Indeed Hiring Lab also shows that tech job postings are still strong.”

Employers added 390,000 jobs in May 2022, down from 436,000 jobs in April, with leisure and hospitality, professional and business services and the transportation and warehousing sectors making the largest gains.

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