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The 10 Coolest Startups and Tech Companies Hiring Right Now

By Julia Keller

Last updated: Apr 5, 2023

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We’ve uncovered some of the world’s most transparent and forward-thinking tech startups hiring right now. So if you’re interested (or know a friend who could be), apply for one of these jobs in just a few clicks.


Loyal is working on bringing the first drugs intended to extend lifespan (years of life) and healthspan (quality of life) to market. They aspire to build a company that catalyzes and captures the public’s excitement around aging therapeutics. While Loyal is currently focused on dog drugs, their ultimate aim is to take advantage of their learnings from dogs and leapfrog into human aging drugs. Loyal was founded in early 2020 and has raised over $50 million from Khosla, First Round Capital, Collaborative Fund, Longevity Fund, Quiet Capital, and BoxGroup.

Apply for one of Loyal’s open roles.

Flow Engineering

Flow Engineering exists to give engineers superpowers. Their mission is to advance hardware invention by building critical software infrastructure that accelerates the baseline engineering process worldwide. Flow is helping teams design their next-generation products, from heavy-duty trucks to satellites and rockets. Flow Engineering raised $9 million in Seed funding from EQT Ventures and former C-level execs and leaders from Microsoft, SAP, and Unity.

Check out Flow Engineering’s open jobs.


Cloudsmith is a cloud-native package management platform for software engineers looking to set up a secure, cloud-native artifact repository. They offer support for 28+ formats, have 225 points of presence, and integrate with all of the tools software engineers already use and love, from CI/CD to observability. Cloudsmith raised $15 million in Series A from Tiger Global.

Learn more about Cloudsmith's open roles and apply.


EcoCart is an e-commerce API that makes it possible for online shoppers to make their orders carbon-neutral. They do this by performing product life cycle audits for its customers to help them calculate, analyze and offset their carbon emissions. Consumers can then see how a company is doing in terms of protecting trees and using clean energy sources, while companies can offer offsetting initiatives within their shopping experience. Ecocart raised $15 million in series A in October 2022.

Apply for one of Ecocart’s open roles.


As the leader in Data Creation, Snowplow empowers more than 10,000 organizations, including Strava, Autotrader, and Flickr, to purposefully create behavioral data to unlock transformative AI and advanced analytics directly from their warehouse, lake, or in a real-time stream. Snowplow was founded with the belief that data teams should spend their time innovating, not extracting and wrangling behavioral data from CDPs or analytics platforms. Following their $40 million Series B funding led by global venture capital firm NEA (whose prior investments include Databricks, Cloudflare, and DataRobot), they are looking for more creative and innovative individuals to help shape their next chapter.

Learn more about Snowplow's opportunities and apply.


Septerna is on a mission to make the promise of future GPCR medicines a reality for patients. Combining the latest advances in biochemical, structural, and computational drug discovery approaches, they’ve built an industrialized platform to precisely control and modulate GPCR biology and pharmacology to develop new high-impact medicines. Septerna raised $100 million in series A in January 2022.

Take a look at Septerna’s open roles.

Marker Learning

Marker Learning is on a mission to democratize access to high-quality learning assessments and services. They do this by equipping their network of renowned psychologists and educators with groundbreaking technology to deliver evaluations, tutoring, coaching, and other learning services for a fraction of the cost of traditional providers. Marker Learning just raised $15 million in Series A from Andreessen Horowitz.

Learn more about Marker Learning’s open roles.

Blues Wireless

Blues Wireless simplifies the process of gathering and moving sensor data from your device or product to your cloud. They describe themself as the “I” in IoT, helping move data bi-directionally over the global cellular network and Wi-Fi through hardware and software endpoints for the best out-of-the-box connectivity. Blue Wireless raised $15 million in Series A1 in January 2023.

Apply to Blues Wireless open roles.

Voltron Data

Voltron Data was founded in 2021 as a globally remote company focused on advancing the Apache Arrow Ecosystem. They develop high-performance data access and in-memory computing tools to improve the data analytics ecosystem. They achieve this by making the data science ecosystem more efficient with modular and composable analytics building blocks. Voltron Data has raised $110M to build startup based on Apache Arrow project.

Check out Voltron Data’s jobs.


Nok generates product experiences at scale with a free trial service for consumer brands and their customers. Nok takes over 100% of their partners' returns to boost profitability, and returns are sent directly to their recommerce warehouses, where they inspect, refurbish, and resell. By doing so, they can customize the resale channels to suit their customers' changing needs.

Apply for one of Nok’s open positions.


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