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The Org vs. ChartHop: Comparing Two Popular Org Chart Tools

By Clayton Spangle

Last updated: Feb 15, 2023

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The Org and ChartHop are both org chart software programs that allow HR managers to quickly build and organize employees in one place. Find out the pros and cons of both programs and see which one works best for your business.

The Org

The Org is a public platform that lets companies create org charts and share them with the world — for free. Every member of the organization can fill out their profile with details about themselves, such as their:

  • Headshot
  • Job title
  • Bio
  • Team
  • Direct reports
  • Indirect reports
  • Work history
  • Education
  • Contact information
  • Social media links

…and more. This makes your org chart more than just a diagram of your company’s hierarchy — it becomes a staff directory. The transparency this brings will help you strengthen your team and attract investors.

The Org also provides a public job board to help companies find the right employees for their organizations.

The Org pros

  • Ease of use: The Org’s user-friendly interface makes it easier than ever for companies to enjoy the benefits of a public org chart.
  • Company profiles: Each company on The Org can create a thorough company page with press releases, employee reviews and a list of company values.
  • Employee profiles: The rich details employees can include in their profiles lets the whole team introduce themselves to the world and show off their talents.
  • Insights: All org charts on The Org are public. This means that users can browse the org charts of thousands of other companies, including global brands like Amazon, Apple and Uber.
  • Hiring: The Org’s public job board makes it easier for companies to connect with the top talent they need. Job seekers can look over an org chart and company profile to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how that company operates. If interested, they can even apply directly through The Org.
  • Quick search: The Org’s search function helps users find anyone they need within an organization.
  • Education: The Org’s regular blog, Iterate, is full of valuable tips for companies in every stage of growth. This includes numerous posts on how to build or optimize your org chart.
  • No cost: The Org is completely free — with no paid plans or hidden fees. Users can unlock the full features of this platform without spending a cent.

The Org cons

  • Limited customization: The Org’s streamlined approach to org chart design means there are fewer options for customizing a chart. (However, the standard design on The Org makes every org chart stylish and easy to understand.)
  • No apps: Currently, The Org does not offer mobile or desktop applications. This program can only be accessed through a web browser.

The Org pricing

The org is completely free. There are no plans, upgrades or additional features that require payment.

Visit The Org’s website.


Founded in 2020, ChartHop is one of the newest names in the org chart software market. But despite its youth, ChartHop has already earned a reputation as a powerful org chart maker.

ChartHop compiles the information from existing HR or IT databases to analyze your data and auto-generate an org chart. Then, it automatically updates your org chart to reflect any changes in the source databases.

ChartHop also lets you:

  • Review past versions of your org chart
  • Model alternate org charts to track projected growth or test a possible change
  • Generate analytics reports based on the details of your chart

ChartHop pros

  • Clarity: Users praise ChartHop for having a simple, easy-to-understand dashboard.
  • Analytics: ChartHop is renowned for its ability to compile and analyze data. Users can then generate reports to help understand how a company operates and how it could be improved.
  • Automation: Many of ChartHop’s functions can be automated, such as creating and updating org charts, gathering data and generating reports. This reduces the time investment required to manage teams and gain valuable insights.
  • Tracking: Users can review previous versions of their org charts to see how the organization has evolved over time.
  • Projection: Users can create hypothetical charts to model future growth or try out alternate reporting structures.
  • Integrations: ChartHop integrates with various HR management systems and other apps, such as BambooHR, Jobvite and Slack.

ChartHop cons

  • Poor UI: Some users complain that ChartHop’s interface looks outdated and is difficult to navigate.
  • Onboarding: Users also note that it can take a while to onboard and master this tool. This is especially true if multiple people will need to use it for administrative purposes.
  • Cost: Unlike The Org, ChartHop isn’t completely free. While there is a free basic plan, users must pay a subscription fee to unlock the full features of the platform. Because the pricing is based on the number of employees included in the chart, the costs can add up quickly.

ChartHop pricing:

  • Basic: Free for the first 150 employees ($2 per month per employee after that)
  • Standard: $8 per employee per month + one-time implementation fee
  • Premium: $12 per employee per month + one-time implementation fee

Visit the ChartHop website.

Which should your company use: The Org or ChartHop?

Which is better, The Org or ChartHop? The answer to that will depend on your company’s unique needs. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive HR management tool that can integrate with your broader system — and you don’t mind paying for it — ChartHop may be the right call. If you want a platform that gives you all the added benefits of a public org chart for free, The Org is probably a better choice.

Either way, we hope this guide will help you make an informed decision based on your goals. We’re rooting for you!

To learn more about how a public org chart can enhance your company, see our guide: Why Companies Should Have a Public Org Chart.

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