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Post IPO Equity




Org chart

Anne Wojcicki
CEO & Co-Founder
Joe Selsavage
Interim CFO & Interim Chief Accounting Officer
Kathy Hibbs
Chief Legal & Regulatory Officer
Joseph R. Arron
Chief Scientific Officer
David Baker
Chief Security Officer
Joyce Tung
VP, Research
Steve Lemon
VP, Engineering
Katie Watson
VP, Communications
Astrid Ruefli-Brasse
VP, Drug Discovery
Arnab Chowdry
VP, Genetic Technology
L. Okey Onyejekwe
VP, Healthcare Operations & Medical Affairs
Savita Pillai
VP, People
Merrill Birkner
VP, Portfolio Management & Business Operations
Kenneth Hillan
Head, Therapeutics
Jennifer Low
Head, Therapeutics Development
Eric Rasmussen
Head, Consumer Insights
Garrett Whittemore
Head, Acquisition Media
Eli Fry
Director, Operations Planning & Optimization
Daniel Brakin
Director, Growth Marketing
Becky Markus McIntosh
Director, Brand Marketing
CJ Swenson
Director, Marketing, International & Amazon
Daniel Chu
Chief Product Officer