4G Clinical

4G Clinical delivers modern, flexible and validated randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) capabilities to Pharma and CROs faster than anyone else in the world.







Org chart

David Kelleher
Founder & CEO
Ed Tourtellotte
Founder & CTO
Nilay Thakkar
Chief Commercial Officer
Chris Adamek
Chief Operating Officer
Anne Hinkle
Chief Financial Officer
Scott Glenn
Chief People Officer
Lisa Hovey
Chief of Staff
Loek Daams
General Counsel
Suzanne Wootten
VP, Customer Experience
Barry Moore
VP, Delivery
Kathleen Greenough
Senior Director, Client Solutions
Elana Rose
Senior Director, Business Development Europe
Brian Friel
Director, US West Business Development
Elizabeth Rickenbacher
Director, Strategy
Simon West-Bulford
Director, Test Automation
Laura Keita
Director, Computer Systems Validation
Helen Le
Director, Regulatory & Study Compliance
Josée Leach
Senior Marketing Manager
Jordon Justice
Lead Instructional Designer
Matthew Guthrie
Production Support Specialist Lead
Amy Ripston
VP, Marketing
Patrick Chokron
VP, Technical Services
Jorg Breitkopf
Client Director
Keith Stokke
Client Director
Ross Edgeworth
Client Director, EU & US & Country Director, Ireland
Takuya Kitami
Country Director, Japan
Peter Kock
Director, Business Development
Michael Carnes
Director, 4C Supply
Teresa Goodnough
Director, Client Excellence
Faith Kenney
Director, Human Resources
Millie Hoyle
Director, Business Systems Analysts
Jay Gately
Director, Northeast Business Development
Tawanda Chaunzwa
Director, FP&A
Kevin Sheehan
Director, SQE
Ken O'Brien
Director, PQM
Jenna Flower
Director, Study Amendments
Libbi Rickenbacher
Director, Strategy
Jed Maley
Director, US East Business Development
Evan Cherry
Director, US West Business Development
Carla Reis
Senior Client Director, US East Coast
Neta Bendelac
Senior Director, Strategy
Michael Marlatt
Senior Director, Talent Acquisition
Ed Suckey
Client Manager
Mike Warner
Client Manager
Emily Wieland
Client Manager
Michael Warner
Client Manager
Jonathan Pritchard
Commercial Operations Manager
Cristi LePage
Data Manager & Project Manager
Stephanie Andrews
Data Management Project Manager
Alex Cline
DevOps Automation Manager
Ewelina Malik
Support Services Manager
Kelly Howard
Integrations Manager
Emily Abadin
International Tax Manager
Susan Shay
Learning & Development Manager
Gerard Brown
IT Manager
Nicola Sheehan
Manager, Technical Project Coordinator
Mike Sheehan
Manager, Business System Analyst
Ashish Sharma
Manager, Business System Analysts
Sean Amos
Manager, Business Systems Analyst
Justin Peterson
Manager, Client Services Leads
Tim Cespedes
Manager, Business Systems Analysts
Jana Pohl
Manager, Client Services Leads
James Arney
Manager, Client Services Leads
Jake Lindamood
Marketing Manager
Heli O'Rorke
Manager. Client Services Leads
Katie Tossi
Portfolio Manager
Jon Sendall
Product Manager
Alexander Beaulieu
Revenue Manager
Dom Carbone
Production Support Manager Specialist
Casey Ferrier
Senior Manager, Business Development, 4C Supply
Sabrina Fei
Senior Marketing Manager
Greg Thomas
Director, Support Services
Ichiro Fujioka
Shift Manager, Client Excellence
Connor Whitaker
Software Upgrade Test Manager
Stuart Bogatko
Study Configuration Engineer Manager
Tom Shimshock
Support Operations Excellence Manager
Deirdre Sullivan
Support Services Manager
Magdalena Mccarthy
Support Services Manager
Larissa Kramer
Support Services Manager
Matthew Neal
Technical/Applications Support Manager
Michele Brown
Senior Customer Support Associate
John Naoum
Customer Support Associate
Alexis Lopez
Senior Customer Support Associate
Reina Farrington
Senior Customer Support Associate
Robert Taft
Senior Software Engineer