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We create innovative end-to-end engagement programmes that have been successfully adopted by businesses around the world.






Org chart

Todd H. Siegel
Chief Executive Officer

Todd H. Siegel

Brian J. Fisher
Executive Vice President, General Counsel
Greg Miller
EVP, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer
Michele Conforti
President and Managing Director of Global Customer Engagement
Norm Knowles
Chief Content Officer
Rachel Bicking
Chief Data and Analytics Officer
Scott Lazear
Executive Vice President, Chief Business Development Officer
Vinay Mehta
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Randy Lowe
Group VP Legal Counsel
Cathy Packard
Director HR
Theresa Cochran
Senior Director Of Human Resources
Wendy Azukas
Accounting Director
Andrew McGhie
Accounting Analyst
Malgorzata Kielbowicz
Accounting Specialist
Nancy Delguidice
Accounts Receivable
Phillip Perini
Staff Accountant
Carolina D'Avino
Senior Product Manager
Susan Stone
Product Manager