Mathias Kossanyi

Head Of Product Development - Interior Floor & NVH at Autoneum

Mathias Kossanyi has a strong background in product development and engineering management. Mathias began their career in 1992 as a Junior Consultant at Renault. Mathias then worked at Valeo as a Process Engineering Supervisor and VPS Manager, where they were responsible for managing teams and coordinating continuous improvement initiatives. At Rieter, they served as a Manufacturing Engineer and later as a Product Line Manager, overseeing the development and validation of new products and processes. Mathias joined Autoneum Holding AG as Head of Product Development, leading teams and managing the development of interior floor and NVH products before transitioning to the role of Head of Product Development for Trim Trunk BG Europe. Mathias has extensive experience in managing teams, launching multiple part numbers yearly, and working within budget constraints.

Mathias Kossanyi attended Mines Douai from 1988 to 1992. No degree or specific field of study is mentioned in the provided information.


Previous companies

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  • Head Of Product Development - Interior Floor & NVH

    July, 2012 - present

  • Head Of Product Development Trim Trunk BG Europe

    September, 2010

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