Michael Mosley

Editor In Chief at BagoGames

Michael Mosley has held a variety of roles in their career. In 2009, they worked as a Photographer and Freelance Writer. In 2013, they became a Video Journalist. In 2016, they co-created and hosted That Random Podcast Show. In 2018, they worked as an Editor In Chief at BagoGames and a Security Clerk at the Veteran Administration. In 2019, they became a Canine Coach at Dogtopia. In 2020, they were a Photographer at Lifetouch. In 2022, they became a Podcast Host at The Nerd Stash and a Voice Actor at The Generic Radio Workshop. Additionally, from 2014 to 2018, they worked on the Legends of Equestria MMO Video Game Project as a Public Relations, where they worked on the game's press releases, traveled to conventions to publicly speak with audiences about the game, and led and developed the first ever live stream of the game's panels.

Michael Mosley graduated from Lawton High School in 2009 with a Diploma in General Studies. Michael also holds an edX Verified Certificate for Digital Branding and Engagement from edX.



  • Editor In Chief

    November, 2018 - present