Org chart

Steven Booth
Chairman, President & CEO
Brian Doyal
Co-Head of Global Investment Banking
Brian Mcdonagh
Co-Head of Global Investment Banking
Jason De Sena Trennert
Chairman & CEO, Strategas
Erik Dahlberg
President, Private Wealth Management
Gordon Pan
President, Baird Capital
Jon Langenfeld
Head of Global Equities
Laura Thurow
Executive Director of Wealth Solutions and Operations
Mary Ellen Stanek
Managing Director, Co-Chief Investment Officer
Michael Schroeder
Chairman, Private Wealth Management
Patrick Lawton
Director, Fixed Income Capital Markets
Paul Schultz
General Counsel, Secretary
Rodney L. Jones-Tyson
Chief Risk Officer
Terrance Maxwell
Chief Financial Officer
Timothy Byrne
Chief Information Officer
Milord Yip
Vice President

Board & Advisors

C. H. Randolph Lyon
Vice Chairman
John Taft
Vice Chairman
James R. Allen
Vice Chairman

People not yet in org chart

Anjan Krishna