Tom Sundström

VP, Development at Bambuser

Tom Sundström is the current VP of Development at Bambuser, and has over 10 years of experience in marketing and communications. Tom has worked with various brands and technology companies to help them remain relevant in an ever-changing market. In their previous position as Director of Marketing and Communications at Launchmetrics, they successfully implemented go-to-market strategies and grew the company's interactive community. Tom also successfully negotiated an enterprise deal with a renowned fashion conglomerate sales team, valued at approximately $1 million.

Tom Sundström has a Master's in Marketing and Communication from IED-Milano, and a Bachelor's of Arts in Business Economics from UC Santa Barbara. Tom also has certification from Life Agent License.

Their manager is Oscar Samuelsson, CBO. They are on a team with and Emma Lythell - VP, Sales.


  • VP, Development

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