Biohaven Pharmaceuticals


Biohaven is engaged in the identification and development of clinical stage compounds targeting the glutamatergic system.






Vlad Coric
CEO & Chairman

Vlad Coric

Cliff Bechtold
President & GM, Biohaven Ireland, Chief Compliance Officer
Charles Conway
Chief Scientific Officer
Elyse Stock
Chief Medical Officer
John Tilton
Chief Commercial Officer
St John Donnie McGrath
Chief of Corporate Strategy & Business Development
Robert Croop
Chief Development Officer, Neurology
Maryellen Mcquade
Chief Talent & Sustainability Officer
Warren Volles
General Counsel & Chief Legal Officer
Michael Bozik
President, Ion Channel Research & Development
Brian Lestini
President, Oncology
Bavani Shankar
EVP, Business Development
Marianne Frost
SVP, Regulatory Affairs
Gilbert L'italien
SVP, GHEOR & Epidemiology
Steven Dworetzky
SVP, Ion Channel Research & Development
Jimi Ayodele
SVP, Finance
Caroline Dircks
SVP, Corporate & Portfolio Operations
Chris Barrett
SVP, Commercial Strategy, Common Disease
Nick Kozauer
SVP, Clinical Development & Regulatory Strategy
David Weaver
SVP, Neuroscience & Pharmacology
Mary Sullivan
VP, Regulatory Affairs
Jennifer Porcelli
VP, Investor Relations
Peter Ackerman
VP, Clinical Development
Lawrence Marcin
VP, Chemistry & Site Lead
David Pirman
VP, Biology & Biochemistry
Laura Heller
VP & Head of Medical Affairs
Jim Mather
VP, Clinical Operations
Lindsay Cox
Talent Partner
Nanci Ellen Brake
Talent Partner
Bharat Awsare
Senior Medical Director
Nova Yates
Senior Director, SOX Compliance & Internal Controls
Anna Bunin
Senior Director, In Vivo & Translational Biology
Mary Ricciuti
Senior Director, Global Regulatory Documentation
Whitney Lesch
Senior Director, Corporate Operations & Clinical Trial Transparency
Rachel Kopper
Senior Director, Corporate & Portfolio Operations
Tim King
Senior Director, Commercial
Srinivas Yandrapu
Senior Director, CMC, Quality Assurance
Anna Rightmire
Senior Director, Clinical Operations
Upender Velaparthi
Senior Director, Chemistry
Wenxin Gu
Senior Director, Chemistry
Wes Kazmierski
Senior Director, Chemistry
Jhansi Lakkaraju
Senior Director, Analytical Development
Mark Angelicola
Senior Director, Clinical Operations
Azim Munivar
Medical Director, Research & Development
Jason Lerner
Medical Director, Research & Development
Ahmed Tahseen
Medical Director
Chelsie Byrnes
Medical Director, Pharmacovigilance
Neal Sharpe
Executive Director, of Nonclinical Optimization & Development
Janet Plummer
Executive Director, Corporate & Portfolio Operations
Lopa Bakrania
Executive Director, CMC, RA
Heather Sevinsky
Executive Director, Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacometrics
Deb Young
Director, Regulatory Affairs & Operations
Alex Greif
Director, Lab Operations & Facilities
Glen Poisson
Director, Pharmacovigilance
Igor Druker
Director, IRT & Clinical Supply Systems
Landon Durak
Director, Drug Substance Development
Kelly Picchione
Director, Discovery Operations
Lisa Hribko
Director, Clinical Supply Management
Melanie Murdocca
Director, Clinical Supply Management
Tracey Douglass
Director, Clinical Quality Compliance
Jackie Marin
Director, Clinical Operations
Katherine Sellers
Director, Biology & Metabolism
Jon Blaskovich
Director, IT
Simone Nicholson
Director, Nonclinical Optimization & Development
Volkan Granit
Medical Director, Clinical Development
Kathleen Collins
Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs
Katy Mcgrath
Principal Scientist, In Vivo Science
Suman Pathi
Principal Investigator, Medicinal Chemistry
Robin Wolek
Supply Chain Analyst
Don Archibald
Ana Estrella
Senior Research Scientist
Isis Amaye
Senior Research Investigator, Medicinal Chemistry
Seong Lee
Senior Research Investigator
Meaghan Valliere
Senior Research Investigator
Ann Marie Rossi
Senior Principal Scientist, Biology
Sally March
Associate Director, CMC
Laura Ruggiero
Associate Director, Clinical Operations
Stacy Gibbons
Associate Director, Clinical Supply Management
Micaela Forshaw
Associate Director, Clinical Operations
Emma Fleisher
Senior Manager, Clinical Supply Management
Jennifer Hould
Associate Director, Clinical Operations
Zach Thompson
Associate Director, CMC
Samantha Johnson
Associate Director, Global Regulatory Documentation
Jim Hale
Associate Director, Medicinal Chemistry
Krystal Haley
Associate Director, Regulatory Operations
Lingxin Wang
Associate Director, Ion Channel Pharmacology
Timothy McCormack
Senior Clinical Trial Lead
Christine Lesczczynski
Senior Clinical Trial Lead
Jeri-Anne Finley
Senior Clinical Trial Lead
Valerie Milewski
Senior Clinical Trial Associate
Anna Collins
Senior Clinical Trial Associate
Kevin Jacoby
Senior Clinical Supply Manager
Sarah Lipson
Senior Analyst, Business Development
Debra Orlando
Senior Accountant
Anne Neumann
Rare Disease Marketing, Patient Advocacy & Engagement Lead
Brett Rasile
Research Scientist, Biology
Scott Conroy
Research Scientist
Edward Deramon
Research Investigator
Jane Marushak
Project Coordinator
Jeremy Cordova
Senior Clinical Trial Lead
Yola Ammerman
Clinical Trial Lead
Deborah Price
Clinical Trial & Patient Recruitment Lead
Lindsey Lair
VP, Clinical Development
Sophie Torma
Lab Operations Manager
Kristina Mendela
IT Associate
Bruce D. Car
Chief Scientific Officer
Eriko Fujisaka
Corporate Operations Specialist
Taina Badillo
Corporate Operations Senior Specialist
Ivonne Cerezo-Faure
Corporate Operations Manager
Lucy Sullivan
Corporate Operations Manager
Melissa Costanzo
Compensation & Benefits Manager
Germana Pereira
Clinical Trial Lead, Clinical Operations
Juan Anchondo
Clinical Trial Lead, Clinical Operations
Heather Franceschini
Clinical Trial Lead
Madison Collins
Clinical Trial Associate
Brianna Collins
Clinical Trial Associate
Maria Esposito
Clinical Operations Associate
Zoë Barlow
Clinical Development Operations Associate
Briana Belton-Robinson
Associate Scientist
SJ Burris
Associate Scientist
Lorraine Soto
Accounts Payable Manager
Michelle Coomes
Accounts Payable Specialist
Alexandra Peck
Lab Operations Specialist
Brianna Askew
Associate Clinical Trial Lead
Kathryn Phillips
Associate Clinical Trial Lead, Clinical Operations
Garrett Lidell
Scientific Writer, Global Regulatory Documentation
Ulrike DeMarco
Senior Research, Scientist Biology
Alexander Komarov
Senior Research Investigator
Kelly Smith
Research Investigator
Jim Burrows
Research Investigator
Gabrielle Valles
Research Investigator