Kathryn Lawrence

VP Manufactured Products at C3 Industries

Kathryn Lawrence has significant work experience in the field of chemistry. Kathryn started their career as a Chemist at NanoCerox in September 2006 and worked there until May 2007. Afterwards, they joined GreatPoint Energy in May 2007 as an Analytical Chemist, where they mainly focused on analyzing reactor feeds and residues. At GreatPoint Energy, they also played a key role in setting up and moving the analytical lab and developing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for various lab analyses. In December 2010, Kathryn joined SGC Energia as an Analytical Laboratory Manager/Corporate Chemist. Their responsibilities at SGC Energia included overseeing all analytical work, setting up and managing analytical laboratories at plants and the Technology Center, and developing SOPs and methods for testing FT fuels and wax. Kathryn continued to work at SGC Energia until August 2019. Currently, Kathryn is employed at C3 Industries, where they joined as a Consultant in May 2018. Kathryn later took on the role of Chief Chemist and eventually became the VP of Manufacturing Products in January 2022.

Kathryn Lawrence has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry/Toxicology from Eastern Michigan University, which they completed in 2005. Kathryn later pursued a Master's degree in Chemistry from the same university and successfully obtained it in 2013.



  • VP Manufactured Products

    January, 2022 - present

  • Chief Chemist

    September, 2019

  • Consultant

    May, 2018